… Each piece is hand made in the USA by a small group of builders.. (A ‘cottage style’ business started in New England)

… 100% of the denim belt loops are made from recycled jeans. (Jeans personally hand picked and purchased at thrift stores creator/designer, Aphrodite)

… The end clamps are custom designed by Aphrodite and made in Rhode Island (nickel silver) coated with a silver finish and will not tarnish.
… The chain is made in Attleboro, MA

… Made out of stainless steel with an imitation rhodium finish and will not tarnish.

… The (chain side) end clamp has creator and designer, ‘APHRODITE’ stamped into it.

… They are always unique… All of the time!

…Each pair if RECYCLED JEANS creates it’s own small ‘limited edition’ of bracelets as there are only a handful of loops created from each pair.

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