About Future Arts

Future Arts is the company’s name.. Aphrodite’s work is exactly that. These designs that have, and deserve patent pending status, are pieces of creative imagination that has ‘Never Been Marketed’ in the fashion world before.

Primarily Jewels and Denim are the choices selected as Aphrodite’s favorites even though the patent covers all fabrics. After all, who doesn’t wear denim?

Living by the seacoast in ripped up jeans, t-shirts and flip flops is primarily how this ‘idea’ was inspired. “I wanted accessories to match my style. I shopped to purchase and found nothing close to what I was picturing.

So, I made a couple things; wore them; and was soon asked if I sold them. I replied, ‘YES’!

More resaerch led straight to the patent as I realized this was a ‘gimme’ if you will. It is now presented to the universe to be seen, admired, and modeled by those of you who purchase them!” …

Take this opportunity to be one of the first to wear Aphrodite’s hand crafted limited editions made by the artist herself. Enjoy the fashion forward movement with ‘Future Arts’!